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New Ventilation Systems Clears Air Inside Peppermill Casino

Angela Shilling | April 8, 2016

The air coming out of a ventilator and to the outside as exhaust has a familiar smell.

"A couple years ago we listened to our guests that come to the facility and their concerns was the smoke that they smell in the air inside the casino," said Dean Parker, facilities director of the Peppermill Casino.

Which is why the Peppermill is working so hard to install ERVs or Energy Recovery Ventilators on top of their roof. Essentially taking the bad air out. It's a big task.

"What that allows us to do is ventilate 100% of outside air year-round," said Parker.

While the ERVs are expensive, Parker says the new equipment will save them about $140,000 a year. The new found air quality inside the casino is the biggest plus to having the ERVs.

"There's 170 cfms which is cubic feet per minute of cigarette latent air being exhausted every minute on the casino floor," said Matt Maxwell of Maxwell Mechanical. At the same time we're supplying 170,000 cfms of fresh air to the casino floor," said Maxwell.

Which is an equal exchange. Prior to the ERVs, there was a lot less clean air coming in.

"You talk to patrons that have been coming here for ten or 17 years and they say the air is better in here, we've realized a change, that's when you know you're getting a big difference," said Maxwell.

The air is not as stagnant. Technology has changed a lot over the past ten years.

"It isn't what it is now and there are all kinds of methods attempted to mitigate cigarette smoke with air fresheners, and all kinds of other stuff. None of those were as successful as this process," added Maxwell.

The Peppermill was recognized by the American Lung Association earlier this year for their green efforts to bring in clean air.

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