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Peppermill Race & Sportsbook House Rules

  1. Tickets go as written.  Check all tickets for accuracy before leaving the betting window.
  2. Tickets will not be changed prior to the start of an event except at the discretion of Peppermill Management and with the approval of both parties.
  3. Peppermill Management will pay off only on the actual computer-generated ticket.
  4. Printed pointspreads at the time the wager is accepted are used in the determination of winners, losers and ties.  Peppermill Management will keep a record of all pointspreads, odds, final scores, and related betting proposition statistics to protect both the customer and Peppermill Management in case of obvious mechanical or human error.
  5. Peppermill Management is not responsible for lost, stolen, altered or unreadable tickets.
  6. Peppermill Management reserves the right to refuse any wager prior to its acceptance.
  7. Peppermill Management will determine minimum and maximum wagers on all sporting events.
  8. All football, basketball, hockey and baseball games must be played on date specified.  All other events must be held within one week of scheduled date to be considered action unless otherwise noted.
  9. For wagering purposes, the winner of an event or game will be determined on the date of the event’s conclusion according to house wagering rules.  Peppermill Management does not recognize suspended games, protests and overturned decisions for wagering purposes.
  10. For wagering purposes, unless otherwise stipulated, games are official after:
    • FOOTBALL (professional and college) -- 55 minutes of play.
    • BASKETBALL (professional) – 43 minutes of play.
    • BASKETBALL (college) – 35 minutes of play.
    • HOCKEY (professional and college) – 55 minutes of play.
    • BASEBALL – winners are official after 5 innings of play (4 ½ if the home team is leading).  Otherwise, if a game is called or suspended the winner is determined by the score after the last full inning unless the home team scores to tie or take the lead in the bottom half of the inning in which case the winner is determined by the score at the time the game is called.
      • For run-line and total runs wagers, the game must go 9 innings (8 ½ if the home team is leading) to have action.  Otherwise, if a game is called or suspended, the score will be determined after the last full inning unless the home team scores to tie or take the lead in the bottom half of the inning in which case the score is determined by the score at the time the game is called.  Both listed pitchers must start for action in total run and run-line wagers.
      • Baseball wagers are accepted in the following manner:
        1. Action – team against team, regardless of starting pitcher.
        2. One Specified Pitcher – a wager on or against one specified pitcher, regardless of the other starting pitcher.  Specified pitcher must start or wager is considered no action.
        3. Both Specified Pitchers – both listed pitchers must start or wager is considered no action.
        4. Each team’s “Starting Pitcher” is defined as the pitcher that throws the initial pitch.
        5. In the event of a pitching change prior to the start of a baseball game, odds may be adjusted.  Wagers not specifying listed pitcher(s) will be computed at the opening price established for the new pitcher.
    • BASEBALL FIRST FIVE INNINGS -- All wagers on baseball first 5 innings will be decided on the basis of the score at the end of the first full five innings. Once 5 full innings have been completed, all first-5 wagers are official. If a game does not go five full innings, all first-5 wagers will be refunded. All first-5 innings wagers are ACTION (no listed pitchers). No parlays with first-5 innings to the same game.
    • SOCCER – wagers are official at the completion of the full soccer match (90 minutes of play plus referee stoppage time). For wagering purposes, the results of any extra time periods of play, or penalty kick shootout are not used to determine winning or losing wagers, unless otherwise specified on the sports sheets or odds display.
    • BOXING (professional and amateur) – When bell is sounded signifying the start of the opening round, the bout is considered official for wagering purposes regardless of scheduled length, weight, classification or championship sanction.  When the bell sounds signifying the end of the round, that is considered a full round for wagering purposes.  If the bout is officially stopped prior to the bell, that round is not considered a full round.
    • OTHER SPORTS – All events that involve a scheduled length of play or time limit must play to their conclusion or within five minutes of their scheduled conclusion to be considered official.
  1. OVERTIME – Overtime periods are counted in the final score for both game wagering and totals wagering.
  2. HALF TIMES – On half-time wagers, the entire second half must be played for action.  Overtime periods are included as part of the second half.
  3. FUTURE BOOK – There are no refunds on future book wagers.
  4. Peppermill Management reserves the right to add, delete or change the Sportsbook house rules and payoff odds.
  5. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has sole jurisdiction over disputes.
  6. Wagering tickets will be honored for one year after the date of the event.  Winning tickets may be mailed in for redemption.  See the reverse side of the bet receipt for mail-in instructions.
  7. Patrons must be 21 years of age to place or collect wagers.