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In today's stressful world, we are plugged into cell phones, pagers, television and laptops. It's time to unwind and plug into something relaxing, beneficial and enjoyable. 

Tune out the noise, stress and worry. Tune into a musical body/mind massage experience that relaxes, inspires and refreshes you with So Sound ™ ART resonating through your treatment table. 

What is ART- Acoustic Resonance Therapy? ART provides an environment for the body/mind to be able to experience the benefits of sound healing in a more integrative way. Feeling the music you hear provides an opportunity for us to come into harmony physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and environmentally through stimulating our feeling sense. This synchronization of our body/mind also often expands our awareness. When we begin to listen and feel the music we naturally relax into the harmonic flow.

A Valid Government Photo ID is required for access to the spa and when receiving & purchasing services at Spa Toscana.